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What we do

We work collaboratively with our clients and the land, to deliver an end-to-end service spanning the full spectrum of a carbon farming project, working as one.

We guide our clients with expert advice, to mitigate risk and maximise potential. No false solutions or empty promises. Because when nature wins, we all win.

We complete technical and commercial feasibility of rural land for its integrated carbon and agricultural opportunity to inform land acquisition decisions.

Our native reforestation projects are designed and delivered by a team with decades of experience and knowledge. We have a full, in-house complement of on-the-ground staff, geospatial experts, and the regulatory experience to deliver packaged carbon projects.

Our approach

We aim to maximise the economic and environmental value of agricultural properties through the development of intelligent, high quality carbon projects in a way that optimises both the carbon and agricultural opportunity of the land we work on.

Our approach to the reforestation, restoration and refurbishment of landscapes involves in-depth knowledge of natural processes, ecological restoration techniques and conventional agricultural land use such as grazing and cropping.

Understanding the local climate, soil conditions, and native plant species is crucial for creating resilient and biodiverse carbon farming projects. Additionally, community engagement and collaboration with relevant stakeholders are essential for the success of reforestation projects, as they provide valuable insights, support, and long-term commitment to sequestering carbon. This comprehensive approach ensures that reforested areas thrive integrate with agriculture and benefit the ecology, economy and surrounding communities for generations to come.

1. We start at the beginning

We can provide a range of services, from either one-off advice to move you forward, or via long-term support to guide you all the way. We are unique in providing end-to-end fee-for-service project development advice, delivery, maintenance and management

2. Educate and Engage

Foundational knowledge of Australia’s legislation and carbon market and emerging biodiversity markets are essential. It creates a shared understanding of project outcomes for our clients and allows for an aligned future. With knowledge and engagement, we collaborate with our stakeholders to develop effective strategies and quickly identify right-fit opportunities for carbon and sustainable agriculture projects.

3. Actionable Strategies

Failing to implement a well thought through strategy may undermine the success and good will of a carbon farming project. Covalent has experience with a wide range of stakeholders across multiple sectors, each with their own value drivers and carbon abatement needs. We will always develop a strategy specific to individual needs and desired outcomes. We understand what's required on the ground and guide the strategy to make sure it can be easily operationalised to maximise social, environmental and economical values.

4. Tailored Implementation

We never shy away from a challenge, but are realistic with what is possible, helping you to understand the risks and project outcomes along the way. These are projects that span decades, and with our market insight and experience we will guide you through the process so you always see what’s coming. We share the journey with you, all the way to completion.

Our Services

Our subject matter experts are leaders in their respective fields and as a collective they provide Covalent with deep technical and commercial expertise that is used across all facets of the business, from guiding assumptions in data analytics to providing tailored advice to clients to ensure they can participate with confidence in the carbon market.

Some of the inhouse techniques and skills we use include:

  • — Tree planting and landscape restoration
  • — Landscape ecology
  • — Land and agricultural management
  • — Fire management
  • — Indigenous engagement
  • — Policy & regulation
  • — Carbon project advisory & development workshops

Our Technical Capability

Reforestation of degraded landscapes involves in-depth knowledge of natural processes as well as the capacity to use a range of techniques to solve complex issues. All this needs to fit into the highly structured ACCU Scheme to create credits.

Some of the inhouse best in field techniques and skills we use include:

  • — Property origination and planning
  • — Carbon yield mapping
  • — Native forest design
  • — Weed and pest animal control
  • — Direct seeding
  • — Tree planting
  • — Drone seeding
  • — Enhancement of natural regeneration
  • — Watercourse management
  • — Flora & fauna surveys
  • — Planned burning management and implementation
  • — Track construction and repair
  • — Carbon and project reporting

Growth and change go hand in hand.

Please email us with any enquires you may have. We’d love to hear from you.

Acknowledgement of Country

Covalent Land Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, work, and dream. And we recognise their continuing connection to Lands, Waters and Communities.

Covalent Land Australia pays respect to Elders past, present, and emerging for their struggles, progress, and achievements.

We are proud CMI member:

AFSL: Covalent Land Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 86 651 229 622) AFS Representative No. 001299964

A Corporate Authorised Representative of True Oak Investments Ltd (ABN 81 002 558 956, AFSL 238184)

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