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As One.

Together, is how we re-imagine the future. When we join forces, we bond for a lifetime.

Explore. Engage. Design. Deliver. Maintain.

Collectively, we cultivate healthy ecosystems, actively seeding the way to a more sustainable future

We offer a service that spans the full spectrum of a carbon farming project from sourcing suitable land, risk analysis, holistic project design and implementation and project management through to selling Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Our project design and carbon yield scenarios collectively integrate environmental plantings with sustainable agriculture solutions. Our clients are major participants in the carbon and agricultural sectors and we advise some of the largest corporates in Australia on their carbon strategies and procurement.

Ultimately, the roots of each project involves extensive research, planning, land transformation and refurbishment; to allow our clients, contractors and community stakeholders to accumulate the project benefits.

Explore. Engage. Design. Deliver. Maintain.

We are sympathetic to the natural environment, listening and responding to the lessons it teaches us and work back-to-back with tradition and technology.

In our approach, we harmonise with the land to achieve our goals. We blend innovative practices with traditional wisdom, paying homage to the rich heritage of sustainable agriculture. Constantly evolving, we aim to establish a lasting legacy that reflects both the continuity of our business, vital for long-term projects, and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. By intertwining these elements, we leave behind a legacy of positive impact and corporate stewardship, ensuring that our efforts resonate far beyond the present moment.

Explore. Engage. Design. Deliver. Maintain.

As One.

"As one" speaks to our approach, with both people and to the land. In an ecosystem every organism serves a purpose to create biodiversity. Reducing emissions is a global problem and therefore requires a global effort. 'As one' is about a realignment and reconnection with nature.

It also speaks to our name: and the sharing of electrons between atoms to create a bond: ergo working 'As One. Creating a bond in non-scientific terms, is based on forming and strengthening a relationship. Covalent Land Australia create bonds with clients that last for the lifespan of the project.

Growth and change go hand in hand.

Please email us with any enquires you may have. We’d love to hear from you.

Acknowledgement of Country

Covalent Land Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, work, and dream. And we recognise their continuing connection to Lands, Waters and Communities.

Covalent Land Australia pays respect to Elders past, present, and emerging for their struggles, progress, and achievements.

We are proud CMI member:

AFSL: Covalent Land Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 86 651 229 622) AFS Representative No. 001299964

A Corporate Authorised Representative of True Oak Investments Ltd (ABN 81 002 558 956, AFSL 238184)

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